Our gloves meet all of the requirements of the European technical standards EN374/03 (Protection Against Chemicals) and EN/421/94 (Protection Against Ionizing Radiations and Radioactive Contamination. They vary in thickness – 0.22, 0.30 and 0.60 – providing lead equivalence of 0.016 Pb, 0.020 Pb and 0.032 Pb respectively. The attenuation levels range from 60 KVP (45%, 55% and 81%). 80 KVP (35%, 43% and 69%), 100 KVP (26%, 35% and 62%) and 120 KVP (23%, 31% and 59%). Sizes vary from 6-10, with half-sizes right the way through the range. Sterilization is via Ethilene Oxide (up to three times), with the boxes in which the gloves come offering advice and instructions as to the procedure. Because there is natural rubber latex and lead oxide in them, the gloves have been rigorously tested for cutaneous irritation, allergic sensitisation and protein content. They passed those tests with impressive ease, banishing any fears on those counts, witness Index 0.0 for cutaneous irritation (0 = no erythema/ederna and 4 = severe erythema/ederna); allergic sensitisation Index 0.0 (0 = no erythema/ederna and 4 = severe erythema/ederna). The tests for Protein residuals were equally impressive – modified Lowry <50ug/pg.

Protective Gloves

X-ray Protective Gloves

Made of latex material, these sterile gloves provide both – wearing comfort and flexibility. They are suitable for protection against ionizing radioactivity and can be used for medical procedures including endoscopy, EP / catheter laboratory, haemodynamics, intensive care medicine, nuclear medicine, neuroradiology, orthopedics, pain therapy, radiology, resuscitation and urology.

Latex Free Gloves

Latex Free Sleeves


Designed to allow unrestricted use of the fingers whilst shielding the back of the hand. One size fits most hands. Available in pairs.

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