Space efficient apron racks featuring individual shaped arms that keep your aprons safe and secure. As well as racks we also provide apron hangers and apron hooks, our hangers can each hold a One Piece aApron or a Two Piece Vest and Kilt.


Mobile Arm Racks

These heavy-duty and compact hangers are ideal for departments for which a wall suspension is not possible due to space or due to the construction method. The shoulder-shaped, pivotable hangers help extend the life of the expensive aprons.


The racks are easy to assemble. Delivery in flat packaging. Available with 5 or 10 tiltable hanger.

Wall Mounted Arm Racks

A wall hanger with shoulder-shaped hangers. The hangers swing away from the wall to allow quick access.


Please specify whether you want a right-hand, left-hand or double-swinging wall stop. The selection includes models from 1 to 5 arms. Left-handed or right-handed.


Apron Hanger

Highly loadable steel hanger, which carry the weight of the protective lead aprons.

Apron Hooks

Our apron hooks are very sturdy and can hold any clothing size without breaking. The hooks are coated with solid PVC and fit the storage systems of all manufacturers.

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