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Kemmetech’s unique method of production has been hailed as ‘the single most significant in flexible radiation protection materials for medical environments in more than a generation’. It is physics of the highest level, with the process dependent on the elimination of the effects of fluorescence and secondary-scatter radiation. The results of wholly independent tests have proven to be highly impressive. X-ray protection garments – aprons, skirts and accessories – made from material produced via this method are safer, lighter and much more comfortable for wearers than previously. The amount of radiation absorbed is reduced by 20% of rival manufacturers’ lead-composite materials, and the overall performance level is a massive 40% better than lead-free alternatives. The UK’s National Physical Laboratory’s extensive tests for attenuation and lead equivalence confirmed that against 50-150kV using broad beam geometry, Edge Bilayer met all of the major standards including IEC 61331-1: 2014 plus DIN 6857-1.

general specification

Safety First Sales Limited achieve the protection required in each apron by using vinyl sheets with a lead equivalency of .25LE & .175LE. Multiple laminates of lead vinyl result in three possible Lead Equivalencies of .25 LE, .35 LE and .50 LE. The lead vinyl is sewn between two sheets of either PVC or PU coated nylon (the coating being on the reverse side of the nylon to help water repulsion). For comfort, Nylon would normally be used on the inside of the apron. The outer material is determined by the aprons’ intended use. PVC is easier to clean (when necessary) than nylon. The average weight of aprons supplied are as follows:


Lightweight – average weight of 3.30 kg/m2.

Edge Bilayer – average weight of 3.00 kg/m2.


All weights and measurements carry a +/- 10 % tolerance Source: (Lead Vinyl Manufacturer) All tests have been carried out in accordance with IEC 61331-1:2014 In most of our products, we have improved levels of comfort and assisted posture. All aprons incorporate shoulder padding where the design allows, many of them are supplied with a lumbar support belt (LSB). The belt (when used correctly) allows for the redistribution of the aprons weight from the shoulders only onto the hip, at the same time giving additional support to the back in the lumbar region.

standard specification

One Piece Aprons

C1 – Coat style apron – Fastens as a conventional coat i.e. the two front panels just overlap down the middle of the front. Each standard size may be adjusted to allow an increase in chest size of 5cms. The lead equivalency (LE) of each panel will be 50LE as standard. (Supplied with LSB for comfort).

C2 – Coat style apron – The front panels overlap. As standard each panel is .25LE producing .5LE in the area of the overlap. (Supplied with LSB for comfort)

CP Poncho style apron – Fastens with a buckle on one shoulder, closes down one side with two hook and loop closures. (Customer specifies which side it opens). The front panel has .5LE and back panel .25LE as standard. (Supplied with LSB for comfort).


Two Piece Aprons

CV – Vest and kilt style apron – A two piece apron system designed to distribute the weight between the hips and shoulders. Front panels fully overlap (Ref C2), Vest and Kilt have hook and loop closures with an additional buckle on the Kilt only. Each panel has a .25LE as standard.

CT – Tunic and kilt style apron – The tunic vest fastens with a hook and loop fastner on one shoulder and closes down one side with a hook and loop closure. The lead equivalency for the Tunic is as it is for CP, the kilt remains at .25LE per panel as standard.


Frontal Aprons General Information: This style of X-ray apron may be supplied with a lead equivalency of .25, .35 and .50 LE

F3 – Basic Apron with front hook and loop closure belt.

F6 – Apron with shoulder buckle release and permanent wrap around rigid support belt.

F9 – Apron with front hook and loop closure belt and elasticated back support.



MG – Mitten Glove.

DS – Detachable Sleeve.

HA – Half aprons.

TC – Thyroid collar (Select Nylon material for Comfort).


With proper maintenance our aprons should last for many years. They will require cleaning, handling and storing in an appropriate manner.


Cleaning Aprons should be cleaned immediately after each use, with care taken to remove all traces of blood, barium or other contaminating substances. For PVC and PU covered aprons we recommend the use of a strong detergent. Inadequate cleaning will shorten the useful protective life of the apron. Under no circumstances should our aprons be immersed in any liquid or subjected to cleaning with solvent based or abrasive materials.

Storage Aprons should always be stored on an appropriate hanger or rack, both of which we can supply and may be found in the Accessories section. Improper storage will shorten the useful protective life of the apron.


We recommend that each apron be subjected to checking by Fluoroscope at least once every six months to ensure no internal damage has been caused to the lead vinyl material. Aprons should also be regularly checked for visible signs of wear.


To determine the size of apron required, check the length from mid shoulder to the length required, normally to the knee, then check the chest measurement and finally the hip measurement. Be sure to advise whether the apron is for a Man or a Woman and select the style. Refer to the relevant style table to determine the size required. For sizes larger than are indicated on the tables, contact us with the measurements to obtain a quote. For two piece apron systems like the Vest & Kilt, please supply both the finished length from mid shoulder to bottom edge of vest and length from the waist to the bottom of the apron, generally the knee as well as the chest and hip measurements.

Coat Style

Size Chest Hip Length
XS Up to 85cm 80-95cm 85cm
S Up to 90cm 95-100cm 90cm
M Up to 100cm 100-105cm 95cm
L Up to 110cm 110-115cm 100cm
XL Up to 115cm 115-120cm 105cm

Vest & Kilt

Size Chest Hip Vest Kilt
XS Up to 85cm 80-95cm 51cm 55cm
S Up to 90cm 95-100cm 55cm 58cm
M Up to 100cm 100-105cm 62cm 64cm
L Up to 110cm 110-115cm 65cm 67cm
XL Up to 115cm 115-120cm 68cm 70cm

company profile

Safety First Sales Limited is a privately owned company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The company is a manufacturer of X-ray Protection Garments suitable for the hospital, dentistry and veterinary environment. The garments are produced in a wide variety of styles, to meet their varied applications. Whilst the garments are offered in six standard sizes, we also offers the choice of custom-made garments. Safety First Sales Limited takes its responsibility for manufacturing Personal Protection Equipment seriously. Our customers expect items of PPE to achieve the highest level of protection possible. To ensure these expectations are met, our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials available and are constructed by a quality conscious manufacturing team. We also supply a wide range of related accessories, including lead glasses, lead surgical gloves, storage solutions, disposables and we are always expanding our range of products.

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